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Welcome to Laguna Pearl where we specialize in the most beautiful, highest quality pearls in the world. We provide the best selections of pearls available on the Internet. Whether you are looking for an elegant pearl necklace, ring, earrings, or bracelet, or loose pearl, you are sure to find a stylish addition to your wardrobe or wedding at the best price on the Internet. Cultured pearls offer the best in elegance in any jewellery purchase.

Our pearls are farm harvested from Polynesia where the industry is vital to the economy of the local trade. Each pearl is cultivated under the supervision of experts who maintain the farm's mussels and oysters to keep them in optimal health. While growing under controlled conditions for a period of seven years, our pearls are exposed to advantageous conditions, which make them more beautiful, colourful, and perfectly shaped. After harvesting, pearls can be dyed in custom colours or bleached to pristine white perfection. Because of this process of cultivation, cultured pearls cost more than pearls that are harvested wildly from freshwater or saltwater.

When considering the purchase of a pearl, it is important to know the three different types. Tahitian pearls are the rarest and most valuable and come from the warm waters of the South Sea. These pearls come in stunning colours such as black, purple, blue, green, and eggplant and are known for their shiny iridescent, mirror-like finish. Because of their outstanding colour, quality, shape, and nacre, they are the most desired pearls by consumers worldwide. At Laguna Pearl, we offer the highest quality Tahitian pearls in all settings including multicoloured and baroque strand necklaces.

Akoya pearls originated in Japan and are the most desired pearls by brides for their dream weddings. Laguna Pearl offers the highest grade Akoya pearls that are perfectly round with the highest luster. These pearls are graded Hanadama, which means that each pearl is 99 percent perfect. These pearls are given a rating of AA+. Each pearl has a thick nacre, perfect shape and exceptional luster. Any pearl without this exceptional grade is not sold by Laguna Pearl.

Laguna Pearl also offers Freshwater pearls, which originate in mollusks in lakes and ponds in Japan and China. These pearls are available in white, black, lavender, pink, gray, cream, and peach in varying shade intensities. Although Freshwater pearls are less rare and less expensive than the Tahitian or Akoya pearls, their beauty often rivals their more precious counterparts. When cultured on a farm, these pearls can produce stunning translucence and a metallic nacre finish and can be as large as 13 millimeters. Because the science behind creating Freshwater pearls has been improved to provide an exceptional product, their availability and popularity have grown in recent years.

No matter which type of pearl you choose for a gift, an heirloom investment, or bridal set, Laguna Pearl offers the largest selection of high-quality pearls at the best prices on the Internet. The purchaser can select from many pearl Jewelry options that fit any budget. Laguna Pearl offers Tahitian pearls, Akoya pearls, and Freshwater pearls in many settings and styles. At Laguna Pearl, you can find all three types of pearls in your favourite pearl Jewelry setting.